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Bernadette Berlyn

103/10 Parramatta Street Cronulla

"As Jenny and I move closer to settlement day we can now reflect on the professional service both of you provided over the last 6 months. We had the fortunate experience of meeting you both, with the purchase of a property in 'Highview' Miranda, your patience and guidance Nathan, was greatly appreciated. Your 'no push approach' was often a discussion point with Jenny and I, making our decision as to who should help us sell our Cronulla property much easier.

Bernadette your guidance, advice and friendship during our sale at Cronulla, have helped us through what could have been a very stressful process, you both certainly took the worry away and it all just happened, leading to a successful sale.

Our wonderful experience with Laing & Simmons Cronulla leaves us in no doubt who we'll use in the future, and who we would recommend to others.”
Bernadette Berlyn

44 Oyster Bay Road, Oyster Bay

“We engaged the services of Bernadette Berlyn of Laing + Simmonds Cronulla after our first agent failed to sell our property after 3 months of trying. We had reached a low point as all expectations from the first agency would be a quick smooth sale - this was not the case as we later discovered that our home was not marketed as well as it could have been and our pricing not accurate.

Bernadette and her son Nathan approached the sale in an innovative way and with a clear strategy. Firstly, they believed in themselves and could explain the benefits of utilising their superior methods Secondly, the sale strategy was convincing and quite different from our previous experience and with remarkable attention to detail Thirdly, the marketing reach and the way they wanted it marketed was outstanding. We were very reluctant indeed as this approach required a little more outlay if a sale was achieved, but we trusted Bernadette - a true professional.

Following the Styling we even considered 'no sale' as the home looked superb! Then the marketing achieved what Bernadette stated - non-local prospective purchasers being attracted and soon a non-local buyer (not just relying on local potential buyers as the first agency expected).

Finally, the pricing strategy which we felt very uncomfortable with - was magically handled. I won’t go into too much detail but Bernadette was bang on with her approach. We are extremely glad we chose Bernadette Berlyn and Laing + Summons Cronulla - as we have had the most superb outcome and felt in safe hands all the way.

Thank you to Bernadette and Nathan Berlyn”
Bernadette Berlyn

41 Kiwong Street, Yowie Bay

“Many real estate agents claim to “go above and beyond” but the Berlyn Group do precisely that.

We live three hours from their Cronulla office and work commitments meant we could not easily get to Sydney so Bernadette and Nathan drove to our home. When we could not get paperwork to our solicitor Bernadette drove to the city to deliver it. One potential buyer was having difficulty obtaining finance so Bernadette organized a meeting with a broker. Now we are looking at buying another property and Bernadette has offered to assist us. It is hard to imagine any other agent going to these lengths.

Our house seemed to appeal to a niche market and Bernadette was the second agent with whom the property was listed, but the Berlyn team held three open houses every week without fail (not to mention the myriad of private and repeat viewings). Bernadette’s enthusiasm and positivity never once wavered. She kept us advised and was always available to discuss concerns. She and her team are extremely professional, very knowledgeable and clearly dedicated.

We cannot recommend Bernadette and the entire Berlyn Group highly enough.”
Laing+Simmons Beyond the Expected
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